Wednesday, April 01, 2015

More book suggestions/reviews: In Contempt, Beware of the Dog, Byzantium's Crown, Santiago.

Just the same old, same old? Not really.  But I must find another Willow Tree for sure.

But one thing at a time.


My latest book suggestions/reviews:
Here are some more great book suggestions. One is an audio book, which are great, because I could do work around the house AND listen to it at the very same time. I am not REALLY suggesting these books, except #1 and Santiago. But the others were amusing at times.

#1. In Contempt: by Christopher Darden. Wow. This book explains how very personally this lawyer was attacked when he was prosecuting the O.J. Simpson case. A quote from him, " one is above the law; not the police, not the rich, no one..." Grade: B (some new facts I didn't have before..., I didn't like the way he was treated by the other lawyers...)

#2. Beware of the Dog: A Cliff Hardy Mystery by Peter Corris. Grade: B-. I liked the book, shlogged through to the end with it (which is good nowadays). I liked the Australian words and customs... and the story was surprising to me. I never knew or even guessed what would happen next.

#3. Byzantium's Crown by Susan Shwartz. Interesting story. Grade: B-. (I hate to give a C to a book!) I did want to know what happened in the book. It was an education for a former prince to have to live as a slave... he did escape (thank goodness), and had a new view of the people he was to rule.

Reading now: Santiago by Mike Resnick. It's good so far! Has at least a B+. A jaded bounty-hunter and a no-holds-barred newspaper reporter are both after this fugitive, chasing rumors across the galaxy. Will they find him? And, more important to me right now, does this man even exist? Hmmm....

The Willow Tree
I will keep you posted, loyal readers. :-)

My Books
Writing these. Editing these too. Hopefully they will have a draft copy this year (again).

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Onward and Upward!


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