Saturday, February 01, 2014

Are you on Yahoo? It's time to change your password. Here's how.

There was a recent news story about Yahoo being hacked. 

I wrote out how to change a password on Yahoo for a friend today. Here it is again for my readers.

How to Change your Yahoo Password:

#1. Log into Yahoo with your current password.

#2. At the top of your Yahoo page, go to the top right. You will see your Avatar (picture) and it should say, Hi, ______ (your name). To the right of that, at the very right, you will see a wheel symbol. Click that, then click Account Info.

#3. Put your password in the requested box to go on. Hit "sign in".

#4. Scroll down, until you see the Sign-in and Security Bar. The first link there is Change your Password. Put in your current password there, plus your new one.

Follow all instructions after that. You will need to sign in again after this.

Keep a copy of your password in a notebook or somewhere else secure (not as a text file on your desktop - too easy for a hacker to find).

Change your password to Yahoo maybe once every 3-6 months or more. Some say every two weeks, some say once a month.

But for sure, any time a site is hacked, and you find out, change it IMMEDIATELY.

There is a link to help you choose a secure password right there on the page, above the box.

You may also want to pick a new password with the help of these links:

These look extra difficult to hack. Mine are usually one step down from these ultra-good ones.

I suggest having a number, a capital letter and a symbol in your password. Locate the capital letter where you least expect it (like in the middle).

And, if in need, you may want to use the Help section in Yahoo or any other site. How to find it? Usually at the bottom of the page, usually in little letters. OR search for it in the Search Box usually provided on most sites.

Here is where it is located on the Yahoo site:

I found another very good site on Yahoo today too. It is How to tell if your account was hacked.

This page also talks about the recent Security problem, and explains what they did about it.

I just went to it, and it has some great links there (like you can check who has logged in to your account lately!)

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