Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Edwin and Linda got married! I took some photos too.

I went to this wedding on Sunday, November 18, 2013, and I'm glad I did. 

They had it at Chaney's Dairy Barn, a famous venue for ice cream and dairy tours.

They also had a veil over a cow statue there. And what a nice band they had. I could not hear all of the wedding, but I did hear some of the beautiful vows and the fun music and got to take a few pictures too.

I think they had a LOT more people than they thought they would. Just saying. It was standing room only. I tried to give up my seat, but somebody else gave the person a seat in the FRONT, which was the area for VIP's.

Here are some of the photos (I'll post the rest on Facebook and post a link after that here.)

Our view of the wedding. Note the pillar and people. (haha)

Edwin offers Linda some of Chaney's famous Ice Cream.

Linda and Romanza talk.

Here is that cow I told you about...

And here is Edwin and Linda's Engagement Announcement in the Daily News. 

We got a FREE cup of delicious ice cream at the wedding. What a great idea.

Congratulations, and many happy returns, Linda and Edwin.

Well that's it for now. Off I go to post on Facebook, then post a link here.


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