Tuesday, October 01, 2013

A new level of stupid: some thoughts about the Shutdown. I know, we've had government shutdowns before... how can we stop this?

Wah! Wah! I didn't get my way!

I don't like the fact that we have a government shutdown today.
I mean, come on. It's just a terrific WASTE of taxpayer money. At a time when we are just starting to recover from a really bad meltdown recession. Ack.

Today I read about OTHER US government shutdowns. True, it hasn't happened for 17 years, but here are other times:

Closed for Business? Government Shutdown History 

Wikipedia - the US Federal Government Shutdown of 1995 and 1996 (28 days!)
And here comes the Debt Ceiling approaching in a few weeks. ABC News (in theier online Special Report) talked about this today.

They had a live special going on online about it. (Livestream coverage). President Obama talked about his Affordable Health Care Act and the people in this country who would benefit.

I was going to leave a window open to this ABC News channel online for more coverage, it sounded interesting to me, but they just had music going on after President Obama's speech. Perhaps they were not prepared! So I won't share that link here. Who wants to hear music and not have a story going? Not me, and not anyone.

Back to the subject. I for sure will be listening to the news today. To me, it isn't just about two sides squabbling and arguing. It's more an essential failure of our elected officials. My solution? I don't know - - maybe taking the MONEY out of the equation more and electing people who aren't in it just to pontificate.

Having a set amount of money politicians could spend - - and MUCH less available from special interests would help. And stop politicians from making money from special deals after they leave office. And maybe a limit on how long each one serves.

I don't think ALL politicians are selfish or don't care about their country. But I don't think enough of them care as much about the country and all of its people as they do themselves, their retirement plans, and their re-election.

I think the government shutdown is just a new level of stupid. And it's very childish and immature.


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