Friday, August 16, 2013

Blogs, blogs, blogs - here's my list of my current blogs. I used to ask: too many? But not now.

I'm listing my blogs today.
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 Every so often I think, why do I have so many blogs? I even wrote a Squidoo page about that. Right now the title is Lots and lots of my blogs. It used to be a question - Do I have too many blogs? People didn't think so. I do sometimes. But they are fun, and good typing and writing practice for me. I won't go into the websites.... or Facebook pages.... that's a posting for later.

Here is a list of some other ones I write:

#1 (newest) is my Girl Scout Betsy blog. It is for Kentuckiana GS Council and beyond. I added some pages at the top too. It has Journey Helps, Girl Scout Opportunities, events in the Kentuckiana area (selected ones... I could never list them all!), and general Girl Scout talk. Which I like. It's handy for me to have a place I can go to access links I use a lot. So it's a practical blog, really.

#2. The Nontraditional Student blog is one of the Nontrad blogs I started when I went back to school after a LONG break. It was something I wished had been available then - a place to talk about all things Nontraditional - and to help with support with those feelings like not being able to do it, feeling out of place, feeling older than everyone else, and more. I have plans for this blog (which I recently also have a copy of on the website here.) So this is definitely a blog to keep where it is.

#3. From the Garden Spot plus BG events has morphed from an Anything Goes blog to a Calendar of events in and around Bowling Green, Kentucky to another personal blog page. Sometimes I think of morphing it again to combine with this one.

#4.  Find Scholarships and Grants was a natural site to pick after the Nontrad blog, because everyone going to school needs more money. I get to tell people which sites are best, etc. - I may put this one on the Nontrad site and call it good. It would hopefully still have a search feature on it, and be still useful.

#5. Squidoo Liz was a blog I loved when I was more active on Squidoo. Maybe I will be again, though, so I'm keeping this blog for now. The moguls on Squidoo are making a decent income from it. I, however, am making a bit of change from it. But it's still nice to get that.

Do you have a blog or blogs too? List them as a comment. I'd love to see them.



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