Friday, March 08, 2013

Happy International Women's Day - plus interesting postings on Facebook and elsewhere

Happy International Women's Day to you today.

I have written a post about this day on my Garden Spot blog today.

News for Today - International Women's Day.
This brings many thoughts of what needs to be changed for women here (in the US) and around the world. Read more at the posting.

A few other interesting postings, sites, and more I've discovered from the last few days are here:

#1. Lucas Says Star Wars Trio returning for new film. I am really happy about this!

#2. Remember - Sunday is Daylight Savings Time again! Set your clocks ahead on Saturday night. Mark your calendar - I did.

#3. Facebook plans (another) Facelift - and some people are nervous about it. It may already be showing up on your pages. Photos will be more important, it seems. And the real question might be, can Facebook still keep its users? Or will another site come along. Remember MySpace?? And (as a FB friend said, AOL?

#4. I went to the Downrightnow site just now to check on my Twitter postings. As I thought, Twitter has been down intermittently today. FYI: You can check Twitter here, plus other sites like Facebook and Yahoo Mail. They have more sites listed, but need to add some more. But Downrightnow is still very useful.

Have a great weekend!


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Photo credit:
The Star Wars Episode III coin by kevin dooley on Flickr.
The Star Wars mural (cropped) is from The Official Star Wars on Flickr.
The photo of a women holding the "Stop Brushing Women Aside" sign is from sinister pictures on Flickr. It is from the Fawcett Society Day of Action for Women's Rights.


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