Monday, March 04, 2013

A new way to garden - using wood chips - plus an article about plants and wood mulch

Plants, Wood Chips, and Raised Bed Gardens...

I read an article lately about a new way to garden. You decide where you want your rows to be on your garden, and then you put a few sheets of newspaper down.

Nice! From VeggieGardeningTips on Flickr.

You put "real" compost like manure or just fabulous compost on top of that (because the paper will take something out of the soil) and then you top it off with wood chips or other wood.

This system cuts way down on weeds.

Your piles will be pretty tall. But then you can put grass clippings over that and just plant your seeds in it.

You don't plow the wood chips into the soil, you just let them rot.

I think I'll try that for at least part of my garden this year.

Here are some other great articles about mulch, plants and wood and one about a living willow fence:

Use Wood Mulch to Build Great Garden Soil (from Mother Earth News)

Plants Can Talk to each Other by Clicking Their Roots

The Great Wood Chip Debate Goes On

 8 great tips for finding FREE compost materials

The living willow fence - one year later


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