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My Favorite Etsy Stores February 2013

I did a new Squidoo page about Etsy stores. Then I changed it to Handmade items.

Anyway, I have not yet decided what to do about the page. So, I will share my favorite Etsy stores here with you so as not to lose the list.

My Favorite Etsy Stores

I do like going to Etsy every now and then. I may start my own store this year too. But for now, I like to window-shop there. I have put many of these stores in my circles there so I can go back and see new creations or vintage items.  I hope you like them too.

I have discovered these Etsy stores on the site. There is so much originality and fun ideas there.

I have saved them as Favorites there too.

Joyce's Junk and Jewels
This Etsy store is my real-life Aunt Joyce's shop! It is so fun to check out her things here. My favorites are her handmade beach jewelry. But she has some great vintage jewelry too, plus hats, and lots more.
Studio 42 - Ceramics for sale There are many original designs here. I especially like the Fairy Doors there.
The Beau Miracle Shop
I really like the knitted objects in this shop. The fingerless gloves are really cute. I also like the kids' costumes.
The Perfect Yarn Etsy Store has some beautiful yarn.
This shop has a lot of different color yarns of all different types, including Alpaca and Silk. When going back to this store for this description, I found out that it was located in the Ukraine.
The TraceyCapone Etsy Shop
This shop features prints, photo blocks, and iphone cases. They are made from original designs and photos.
The Metalogical Etsy store
This store makes belt buckles and other hand forged items.
Charlie's Nest on Etsy
"Vintage Items Galore" include trendy tables, cases, luggage, furniture, and lots more.
Black Leopard Dollhouse Miniatures
This shop has mini afghans for dollhouses, and also mini doilies, slippers, and other mini items.
Be something new
Find fashionable headbands, fascinators, and more here. Some are vintage, many are new.
L. Delaney's Etsy store
You will be delighted by the miniatures here, perfect for dollhouses.
Jannio's Etsy

I love these felted hats They are original designs and so pretty!

Owlsay's Etsy

Check out these checkbook covers, luggage tags, wallets, and more at this fun shop.

Christy's Studio
You will find many different kinds of purses here. They are lovely. It is fun to scroll through and see all the choices.
Time Machine Jewelry
This shop features Steampunk, Victorian and Edwardian, and Doctor Who jewelry, plus Beatles music too. What an original shop!
Allie's Adornments
This shop features antique buttons in one-of-a-kind jewelry creations.
Acoustic Design
This shop has wood products you may never have seen before, such as handmade card cases and earbud holders.
Adele Shop on Etsy
Love leather purses and duffles? Look no further. This site has terrific designs, including hobo bags.
Whitney Winkler (Beatrice in Blue)
Whitney is from Kentucky and features vintage books, glass, lace and more in her fun Etsy shop.
Cass and Patt's shop is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They have clutch bags, waist purses, regular purses, and even backpacks. They are all handmade.
No More Twist Handmade
This shop not only has fascinators, but also bows, jewelry, hair clips, and wedding hair accessories.
Little Pig Pottery
Looking for original, fun designs in pottery? Little Pig has many. They are located in Middleton, Ohio.
Calico Forest Designs
Baby booties, baby booties, and baby booties. They are so cute.
Oakwood View
Love old or vintage books? Not only does this store have them, but also vintage jewelry, postcards, poetry, and magazines. Fun!
Fashions by Fran
Barbie dresses! And also Skipper dresses, and also Lalaloopsy outfits (a new doll I just found out about here.)
Laurelin Design
This jewelry Etsy store features wire wrapped pendants, earrings, and crystal pendants.
Vintage Eye Fashion
Love vintage fashion? I do. You can find vintage fashion, linens, shoes, luggage, hats, and more here. It's so fun to check this store out.
Kemonomimi Fantasy Goth
Zero makes great party ears, leather horns, and more for goth and character parties. Original, fun, imaginative, and sexy items can transform you into something entirely different and unique - like a fox, a creature, or a dancer.

Let me know about YOUR favorites too, or if you have a store. I'd love to visit.

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