Thursday, January 31, 2013

Health Tips #1 from my Nutritionist - low-carb, healthy foods

Hi, all! Here are some Nutritionist Tips for a healthy, low-carb diet.
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I am seeing a nutritionist right now to help improve my anti-diabetes diet. Some of these tips can help other people who are on a low carb diet, like I am.

I am also eating a semi-vegan diet, with lots more vegetables, fiber, and fruit.

She suggests at least 7 grams of fiber per meal. And sometimes a snack can actually help fight belly fat.

Here are just a few tips.

#1. If you drink a caffeinated drink (like pop with caffeine, or coffee) then you need to drink at least that much plain water to make up for it. Water or flavored water is the best choice for a drink.

#2. If you are eating out, you should know that sometimes there is a LOT of salt in foods. That can make your blood sugar readings high.

#3. Resistance Bands can be a good first step in your exercise program.

#4. Try warm beverages like herbal tea (or green tea with blueberry). This can help.

#5. Freeze the nuts and seeds you buy. They go bad fast otherwise.

#6. When it comes to nuts, most are great for a low-carb diet. But Macadamia nuts are not the best kind because they are highest in fat.

#7. Crunches are really good for getting rid of that pesky fat around your middle.

#8. Bubble baths are great for you, especially when you are on a healthy living plan.

I hope to have some more tips to share soon.

Have a diet tip? Add it in a comment. Thanks!

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