Friday, September 21, 2012

The Awesome Ladies of Charity Consignment Sale

Oh, is this ever an awesome sale.

It is in Nashville, which is not far from here, and really worth it to go to.

There is clothing, belts, hats, suits, blouses, shirts, dresses, even formal wear... it goes on and on. AND the sizes are generally in the right place, and labeled.

There are many famous labels, and really neat fashionable stuff.

I love this sale.

You can take 10 things at once to try on.

Here are just a couple photos of it from outside:

The outside, where all the nearby spaces were taken.

You can feel good about spending your money here.

A closer view. I almost got some shoppers in this one.

Rickey laden with clothes...

This lot was also full, and people were waiting for a space.

Next time I will try to get some inside photos. We may go tomorrow too. What a fun sale - - it's the best around.

The famous columnist, Ms. Cheap, from Nashville, also loves this sale.


Ms. Cheap talks about this year's sale.

This page tells more about the Ladies of Charity.

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