Monday, April 09, 2012

Hanging out at the Labold and Sons Salvage in Bowling Green, Kentucky

I finally made it to Labold and Sons Salvage in Bowling Green Kentucky. It is at the site of Spot Cash, which I had just started shopping at last year. They had some great socks there that Rickey liked. I enjoyed talking to the proprietor, who had some stories about years of working at the location.

I have been so curious to see this store for ages. I have heard only good things about it.

I took pictures outside the store. I had a lot of fun looking at all the items displayed there. I had to look slowly because each display is packed with things to look at.

They had all kinds of treasures there. Many were quaint and retro. I saw a wooden doll that looked like a sister to one my grandmother gave me once. They had lots of bicycles, rust and all. They had wicker chairs, scarves, pins, and some great pillow purses too.

I went downstairs too to see what was there. They had baskets, clothing, toys, more bikes, furniture, and birdcages, among many other items.

What I liked the most was the jewelry. I told myself I would come back with retro treasures packed in boxes to trade in two weeks.

Wish me luck! I will go through things and I know I can find some things to trade. I have always liked retro collectibles, so this will be fun.

Now, here are a few photos.
Open! More neat stuff is inside.

Love this street. The Pots Place is in the next block.

Cute table! It would look good in a display window...

You can find more photos of Labold and Sons Salvage here on Facebook. 

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