Friday, January 27, 2012

10 of my Facebook Friends or Pages - sharing

Facebook friends that inspire.

Today I am sharing some of my Facebook friends and groups that always seem to have a great photo or story to share. Many are entrepreneurs, some sell information about making a living online and others may be authors or protesters.

Still others include themselves in the 99 Percent, blogging and putting videos on about the popular Occupy Main Street movement.

I think many are open to getting NEW friends, or may have Fan or "Like" pages, so you may be able to add them. Here are a few of my favorites:

#1. I'm a Misfit and I Love it (Consulting/Business Services) - lots of pictures and sayings.

#2. Occupy Wall Street - protest news from around the world and the U.S.

#3. Hundreds of Hilarious Pics - like it says. Sometimes an LOL, sometimes a smile.

#4. Twig the Fairy - this person dresses up like a beautiful Fairy and has lots of pics. She actually may BE a fairy, it is hard to tell.

#5. The Alzheimer's Reading Room - (Bob DeMarco) - this Facebook page links up to their website, that features research about Alzheimer's, stories for caregivers, and a lot more.

#6. Seniors for a Democratic Society - lots of great leftie political news and art. Fun.

#7. The FlyLady Facebook page - this Facebook page is great for people who need help organizing and feng shui-ing their home. They have a site too.

#8. Occupy News - More news, photos, and commentary about the Occupy Movement.

#9. Failbook - the worst of Facebook. Some of these are pretty gross, some are bad, and some are pretty funny. Just saying.

#10. The Coffee Party USA Page - the opposite of the Tea Party in many ways.

I have more favorite Facebook pages I will list soon. List yours below as a comment.



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