Monday, July 11, 2011

Some of my Grandmother, Helen Hooper's Paintings

Helen Powell Hooper - some more paintings

I took some photos of three of my grandmother's paintings yesterday.

Here they are:
Smaller painting 1 of 2

Smaller painting 2 of 2

A larger painting.

These are some of Grandma Hooper's more painterly paintings. She loved to paint travel scenes, scenes of the woods and nature, and more. She had a great way with color too!

I hope to do some paintings soon and just love hers! I will be lucky if I can do as good a job or even half the job she did.

I have some more of Grandma Hooper's paintings and a little about her at her page here:
About my grandmother, Helen Hooper, and her paintings. It's at my Betsyanne site. (I will redo this page this year hopefully!)

Let me know what you think of these paintings. And have a wonderful, creative day.

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