Monday, June 06, 2011

Free stuff - - free stuff - - I think I'll make a page about it.

Hi readers!

I had a great idea (again) today.  It is something I have been thinking about a very long time. I love free things, like free reports about making money online, free reports about how to get traffic to your websites, etc. etc.

Some of these articles let you share them.

I have quite a collection. I think I will make a page with these all on them to download, and include some of my own too.

Do you like this idea? Let me know. I will list my page on my blogs as soon as I get it done. It might be a membership site, with some free things for everyone, even those who are not members.

In the meantime, how is everyone doing? Are there people who read my blog who would be interested in learning how to make money online and who are some non-ripoff teachers who have lots of free stuff to give away?

Let me know with a comment if you are interested.

More of my news: I got a baby pool for my daughter and her husband. They like it! The birds moved out of my garage (yay), and I cooked some delicious black beans and rice yesterday along with some corn cakes. I have made headway on some writing jobs, and organizing too.

So how is YOUR summer going?

All for now,

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