Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bar-B-Cutie - what a neat place!

Not Bar-B-Cutie - but interesting!*
Bar-B-Cutie - I like it!

Love Bar-B-Que? I do.

Next time you are in Nashville, Tennessee, and you want to try something different, check out Bar-B-Cutie barbeque restaurant. We ordered a pork barbeque plate. It came with two sides, which were also good!

We tried this restaurant on Saturday, after wondering about it for a long time.

Just saying! You get to spice up your barbeque with a choice of several sauces too. They have several locations, and have been in business since 1950. Oh - and they have booths to sit in, which I love.


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The neat barbeque photo is by Robert Scoble on Flickr.


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