Monday, February 21, 2011

Friends of the Linebaugh Library booksale - photos and thoughts about some book dealers

Photos from the Linebaugh Library Sale in Murfreesboro - and their new rules about pricing scanners and glomming books.

Here are some photos I took of the great library sale in Murfreesboro, Tennessee on Saturday.
The entrance to the Friends of the Linebaugh Library Sale in Murfreesboro, TN
 There was a long line waiting for the sale to open. It was hard to navigate for awhile inside... but then people started to leave, and space opened up to look more. People were polite and eventually lookers got to see all the sections if they were patient.

One thing helped a LOT. The Friends of the Linebaugh Library have a new rule: no handheld computers or scanners, or booksellers hogging areas. I say "yay!"

DVD's, CD's, and Hardbacks were $1.00. Paperbacks were 50¢
 I have been going to as many booksales as possible lately, and have found some good deals. But I have noticed a lot more professionals taking advantage. They swoop down on an area, and won't let others look.

I do not think that is fair. Some booksellers are so focused that they don't seem to even see anybody else... and they are given special treatment. Some glom on to the best books by taking over whole sections of some booksales, so nobody else can look.  They never move from their chosen section until they are done.
This table was outside. It had some good audiobooks on it.
And it seems to be OK with the book sale people sometimes. Some dealers are even allowed to see ALL the new books first that people bring in too.

I can see how book sale organizations may need to develop special relationships with professional sellers. After all, they need to sell their books; as many as possible. But I think they should show special treatment at other times, like before the sale (if they need to at all). Personally, I think professionals should get the exact same chances as everyone else.
I think people had a lot of fun at this sale.
Then there are the professional scoopers. OMG. These booksellers just scoop everything up that they can on a table, (the good books, of course...) then set up somewhere else to scan at their leisure. They don't let anyone else have a chance to find something they like. All the valuable or good books or those in good condition are kept by the professional person, and they put their dregs back on the table later on. Is this fair? I think not.
Some more happy book buyers.
It's too bad that some of the professional booksellers are starting to give all booksellers a bad name by these practices. And I'm really glad the Freinds of the Linebaugh Library put a stop to it this year.  I hope other library sales do that also.
More polite and happy book buyers. And nary a handheld.
I don't have anything against professional booksellers (I occasionally sell a book or two also...) but I think things should be fair for everyone. I bet I'm not the only person that does not like it when people "hog" an area and don't play fair.

It's fun to look for a good book and it's fun to find a deal, but it's NOT fun to be blocked from looking.

OK - off my soapbox.  I had SO much fun at this booksale.  I found a lot of great books, and some audio books, too. Thanks, Friends of the Linebaugh Library! You rock!


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