Saturday, January 29, 2011

Caught by magazine temptation at Barnes and Noble

I'm telling you, it is DANGEROUS to go to Barnes and Noble and look at their many magazines. Because I can wind up buying some. But I am glad even though I feel sort of guilty about it. But I do love these magazines. They are so fun.

There are SO many good ones there. It is so tempting today that I bought a couple of my favorite ones: Countryside and Backwoods Home.

These magazines are so fun to read. I already found a great article in Countryside called "Publish Your Own Books." I mean Oh My Gosh. This is exactly what I have been looking for.

I already have been writing some ebooks, and thought I knew a little about publishing them (for ebook readers) but it's great when I can find something to validate my research. Now I feel even better about going ahead with my book projects. I can publish my own book on Amazon Kindle for free. This is so great. The article also gives hints about how to proofread, using MS Word, the Blurb website, and converting your book to html.

It's a great article, and only one of many. I do enjoy learning about gardening, herbs, how to survive in a bad economy, great recipes, meatless meals, books, resources, nature sanctuaries, and more in the great magazines they have there.

The really cool thing about other magazines is that you can keep up to speed on your hobbies and interests by looking at the ads in the magazines and in the back of them.

I buy magazines so much at Barnes and Noble I probably pay more (paying cover price) than a subscription would cost. I must re-think this somehow.

Are you daring enough to scope out Barnes and Noble's magazine aisle? You never know, you could enter the Danger Zone and take some great articles home.

Good luck!


PS this neat photo of people in a bookstore is from the Microsoft Images pages.

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