Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Vermont Country Store and catalog - I like it!

Vermont Country Store, Main St., Weston VTImage by redjar via Flickr - the Vermont Country Store 
Don't you just love curling up with a fun catalog now and then? I do.
Then sometimes I keep it for a while, and sometimes I recycle it by cutting off the label and sending it on to another reader at a thrift store, or letting a friend or family member have it.
Here is one of my favorite catalogs:
The Vermont Country Store - - here are wonderful old-fashioned gadgets, tableclothes, gifts, soaps, and even a shampoo called Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific that I remember from girlhood. (And it did smell terrific). It's all the kind  of stuff you might have found at that old-fashioned country store you used to see in the summertime or at the dime store in your neighborhood, if you were lucky.
Their online catalog is here:
This store is a family business, owned by the Orton family. You can find out more at their Business pages.


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