Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hercule Poirot and The Third Girl - great entertainment!

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I watched PBS (local channel 26) Masterpiece Mystery on Sunday and was really in for a treat. The Hercule Poirot special "The Third Girl" was great!

I love seeing the authentic costumes and scenery, but above all, I love David Suchet's portrayal of that natty Belgian gentleman. I had forgotten that Hercule Poirot likes his eggs the exact same size... not a bit different!

Locally here in South Central Kentucky, they are showing Hercule Poirot movies and recently also Miss Marple ones.

I'm in movie heaven!

Some sites to explore:
Suchet's Poirot
About Agatha Christie - the Queen of Crime
Masterpiece Mystery

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  1. I like this series too, except for when they "improve" the plot!


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