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Contests and Sweepstakes - some good ones to enter

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The Kapok Tree, national tree of Puerto Rico.

Here are a few favorite online contest sites. You can win lots of different kinds of things, but only if you enter.

The Travel Channel has a different contest every month. You fill out a form and answer a few questions to be entered. You can win a trip to Puerto Rico right now here at the site:

My Coke Rewards
Just put the number you have on the coke bottle top and voila! You are entered to win a prize of your choice. Just use the points you get and enter the contest you want. You can win a trip or also things like t-shirts. You can only enter a certain amount of coke numbers per day.

Pepsi Stuff - here is their site They have some automatic contests, plus caps for caps you can check out here too.


And here are some online contests I found from coupons.

These contests look really good. I found while going through my coupon pile today from the local newspaper. I plan to enter these too.

Home Improvement Sweepstakes - True Home value at is sponsoring a 15,000 in free home improvements and a 10,000 in cash to spend as you like contest. It ends 12/31/10. You might get a sales call from this - just tell them you are only entering the sweepstakes. (That is, unless you win!)

More contest sites:
The contest site:

Food Network's contest pages:

Mrs. Sweepstakes give her recommendations

The US and Canada Contest Listings

And here is some advice on how to win those contests:

How to win online sweepstakes and contests
From Contest Girl

Send me the quality contest sites you like and I can add them to the list.


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