Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Lyrid Meteor Shower

The stars are coming!

They'll be streaking across the sky
Exploding like a sparkler
I can remember lying on a car blanket in the middle of a meadow
hushed whispers all around... the grass crunching under my head,
listening for the buzzing and eager whines of mosquitoes
Will they ever get here?
And then they start!
Hey! Hooray!
The stars blink and wink in and out of a black and ribboned sky,
and I'm in love.
The Milky Way!
Thrown across the sky and glittering.
Oh there in the Western sky the stars go on and on
and stretch to the horizon.
Hey! Look! There's Galileo - stumbling downstairs in his slippers.


It's the Lyrids! They will be here strongest between 1 and 3 in the morning. I probably won't be getting up. It's going to be cloudy here, and full of light pollution.

There are links here if you are going outside when the sky is still dark.

Heads Up! Lyrid Meteor Shower is early tomorrow morning


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