Monday, March 08, 2010

Boss Kitty - well, she is boss of my household

BOSS KITTY is having a good day today.

I have wanted to post some pictures of my cat, Boss Kitty, here for a long time.

Here are some photos I took today. Boss is really loving the sunshine we have here in Bowling Green today. We have rigged her up a cat perch in the front window which she loves. She is sleeping there right now. You can also tell she was sleepy when I took these photos!

Boss is a black and white female tuxedo cat. 

Boss Kitty was hanging around last winter, hungry and cold, so we let her stay in the garage. Then later we adopted her.  She had half of a tooth, so it needed to come out, plus she had Feline HIV so we can't have any other cats or let her outside. The vet guesstimated her age at 10 or over.

Boss Kitty likes to sleep a lot and is very good-natured. I think she came from a family that moved kiddy-corner from us a few years ago. She may have been a neighborhood cat and eaten lots of dog food before she came to us. She only eats dry cat food (and prefers Purina brand)  and does not like any kind of treats, though she WILL smell them. Go figure!

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