Friday, January 29, 2010

It is really snowing in Kentucky! (finally...)

This winter has not been a very snowy winter. I have to admit I am a little glad that we are having this big snowstorm. I dont know if we will have a lot of snow or not, but it is supposed to snow all night and all morning tomorrow. Nashville isn't that far from here, and they have had snow longer.

I will definitely be watching the news tonight to see all the pictures of the snow. The picture shows our state bird, the Cardinal, enjoying the snow.

Personally, I like having real seasons. And where I grew up, it snowed all winter long. It seems hard to believe that we are only going to have a week or so of this wintery weather, and then it's back up to the 40's. But we will have had some beautiful snow first.

Is it snowing where you live?


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