Thursday, January 07, 2010

About Ning Groups - they are fun places to go to make friends and network too

Ning Groups - a fun place to network and make new friends!

Have you discovered Ning yet? You can join groups there and also make your own. If you decide to make your own page, Ning shares half of its Google income with you. It's a great deal. Plus, Ning sites offer many pluses, like video posting, neat layouts and many diffferent design possibilities.

Want to check Ning out? Just go to

Here are some Ning groups that I like. You may also like them!

The College 2.0 Ning Group
Peace, Love An Mamas
Gregg's World (click on bottom pix to stop sound)
TweetBook Twitter Social Network
EFL Classroom 2.0
Twitter Moms - the Influential Moms Network
The Financial Aid Podcast Ning site
Friends from All Parts of the World
Return to College
Returning to School

I am thinking of starting a new Ning group and using it for a Forum. I think this sounds good. I have tried some free forums and they have all been problematic so far. But I think a Ning forum sounds fun.

My Personal Page and blog
The Nontrads site and blog
My Squidoo pages
Join me on Twitter as @betsyanne or @nontrads
(and look for one or two NING groups listed here sometime too!) 


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