Monday, August 03, 2009

Twitter Episode 3 - Fun Postings

About these Twitterings:

I see some really funny tweets on Twitter sometimes. And some really interesting ones, too. I would like to share the latest ones today.

If you want to also seek out interesting Twits, go to Twitter to the Public Timeline. You will find some very surprising and thought-provoking twitterings there, just like I did. Have fun with that. I won't comment on these, I just leave them to your imagination.


ok2baqt @gatorboy No,he should have spent the $$ on continuing his education b/c he is going 2 need a backup,backup,backup plan.He's an idiot.

@hotauctions Son tries to sell sexy photos of mum on Internet after row

@projournalist Tips for Ruth Madoff: How to live in the middle class

TheEntertainer RT @adrielhampton: You can lead a horse to Twitter, but you can't make him tweet

Awannabeangel The ability to delude yourself may be an important survival tool. ---- Jane Wagner


You can find my other Twitter posts here:


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