Sunday, August 16, 2009

How my Twitter posts have evolved

(has yours changed too?)

I am now doing Twitter postings. That is because my REGULAR day for doing them has changed this week and I want to have them done before tomorrow.

Like many people, I started Twitter by going on in real time and posting what was going on. This changed to recommending sites, and re-tweeting other people's interesting posts, and commenting on current events.

I went from 8 posts per day (that was hard to do!) to 4, and now I am trying 3.

Do any of my readers use Twitter and post there? Do you use an automatic posting system? I do, but also I twit in real time sometimes, when I get a thought or find a neat fact or news story I want to share.

I am curious to find out how other people do their Twitter postings. For instance, how do people manage their twitterings when they have over 4 per day? Sometimes I am on Twitter to see what people are saying, and notice that some people have over 5 twitters in just the space of 5 minutes... or even more!

How do YOU post on Twitter? :-)


Some Twitter sites to explore:
Of course, Twitter itself:
The Twitter Public Timeline
My Twitter names and posts: (add me!)
An automatic posting site: Hootsuite
Look up interesting tweeple on Twellow
Want to find out more?
Try Charlene Kingston's Twitter School
(great FREE resources)
The bird art (above) is from the great FREE and public domain clker site


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