Friday, July 10, 2009

Sink Adventures!

Psssst.... hey..... know a good plumber?

I tried to fix our sink today. I got out the Fix Anything book and looked there, too. I took apart each side of our double-sided sink and cleaned out every pipe I could get to. But no, it was not to be. It needed three professional roto-rooter treatments to get out a clog inside the pipe - further than I went.

I am so happy it is fixed now. The water goes down gurgly great. Makes my day. Plus, I learned how to take the pipes apart, which may come in very handy someday. You never know.

Oh - and the plumber did a good job. They even came right over the same day. It was Millard Martin Services. You can call them at 843-1981. Thanks, Millard Martin Services.

Millard Martin's Yahoo listing  (I wrote a review for them there too.)
The art is from Public Domain Clip Art


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