Friday, June 26, 2009

Twitter posts I will re-tweet next week

I have collected a whole bunch of Twitter postings so I can re-tweet them.

You will go to Twitter and see the posters with everything starting with @. The other links should bring you to a web page or blog. Hope you like these! I will be probably putting most of these on Twitter next week.

Here are some:

Put Kashgar on the UNESCO protected list:

@rolfjoho- Make Your Own Classified Ads And Be A Winner

RT @tweetcongress @CivicScience Check out as well for lot's of other Govt. Officials using Twitter.

@ReTweet_ @Centralvia @Ariellah: check out this blog for discussions on technologies in education

@MarkIsMusing Former eBay exec Meg Whitman writing about her success

@Jan_Geronimo RT @robangeles: 10 Tools to Improve Your Site’s Usability on a Low Budget | Webdesigner Depot

@JaceSGalloway 6 Free Tweet Schedulers 45 minutes ago from web

@rahuljrark RT @bkmacdaddy: 40 Must Have Cheat Sheets for effective Web Designers - #webdesign

@Carl_Norman 10 Twitter Tools to Help You Be More Productive | ...

@rolfjoho- How to Attract Buyers to any Website.

@DeanPerrone "If you're interested in 'balancing' work and pleasure, stop trying to balance them. Instead make your work more pleasurable" ~ D. Trump

@jenkin7NICK Housewife finds £250,000 treasure with metal detector

@rahuljrark RT @mayhemstudios: Lust for Logos: 15 Sites to Visit for Logo Inspiration

@techxav 10 Common Mistakes In Logo Design

@rahuljrark RT @iamkhayyam: Should i dump my girlfriend? *lmao*

@RabbiShaiSpecht We are sad for ourselves not for the people who have left us - they are in a better place - we are left here to miss them.


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