Tuesday, June 30, 2009

TBD is moving!

I really liked TBD. First, it was the "To Be Decided" site, then just TBD, a place for older people to connect. An older person's social networking site.

I also still like Facebook, which of course is very popular still.

I haven't been there for awhile. But every so often I would get an email.

Then today I got an email from TBD. They are not going to continue the site. People are going over to the Ning site now which is at http://teebeedee.ning.com/

I wonder what happened. I think maybe that the site was supposed to pay total salaries... and the ads it had could not do that. I don't know. There were many members and as far as I could tell they were active members.

Maybe they could have had a pay option for more things you could do on the site. But they didn't. Really, why they are going "offline" is a mystery to me. But I'm glad they told us. Now it's a scramble to go to Ning or another Facebook group.

Really, it's a mystery to me. They did have great groups there, so I'm sad about this development. Now people are going to have to make these groups all over - someplace else.


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