Monday, November 17, 2008

Cookville, Tennessee

I am impressed with downtown Cookville, Tennessee. There are a lot of really unique stores there plus a new Indian restaurant too. I really wouldn't mind living here.

The pictures show the side and front of a great store I found there called New Century Books and Goods. They have new and used books there, plus sticker books, bumper stickers, gifts, and lots more. I found a Patricia Cornwell paperback on sale for only $1.00. Plus, it smells really good in there!

We picked up two magazines - one is called Local Table and features articles about food and farming, plus whole and natural foods. Their website is at

The other one, Slingshot, is from Berkeley, California. You can check out their website at It's way fun to read, because there are events and news there you won't see anywhere else. The long version of this publication's name is "Long Haul Infoshop Radical Library." It reminds me of the issue of Akwesasne Notes I read once. It had the only news about Wounded Knee that actually told what really happened.

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Here are some photos I took today in Cookeville:


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