Thursday, November 08, 2007

So what is Squidoo?

I'm just beginning to find out.

Squidoo is a social networking site PLUS an informational site combined. People write pages called lenses about whatever interests them. I had heard of the site, but only recently went there.

Check it out here:

I did one lens page about my business so far, and one about non-traditional students. The Squidoo people put ads on the site, and YOU get to keep 50 % of the profits from the ads. This sounds really good to me! Another site I know about only gives something like 10% which is really a ripoff, I think.

YOU also get to have a referral bonus from the link (above) by getting $5 extra when you earn your first $15.00 on your lenses. This sounds good to me! Let me know how you like it!



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