Friday, November 02, 2007

A new name for my store!

I like it! This is my new logo on Ebay. I used to have another name - but this is more descriptive, and says what I sell. I think it will be easier for people to find me now. I will have a website with this name soon, too, that will link to my store.

I have an Auctiva store now too, which is directly linked to Ebay. It's really just like my Ebay store, only with a different look.

Here are the links:

My new Ebay Store


My Auctiva Store

I am excited, because I have a lot of neat things I can't wait to put on the site. It didn't take really long to do the logo, and I might redo it later on, but I like it. I also redid my regular (Betsyanne) website, and will soon redo the Non-trads site.

Those links:

My website

the Non-traditional Students Website

I will have another one here soon. It has taken awhile to do all this, and that's why I haven't been able to blog so much. But I plan to get back blogging here because I've really missed it. When I can finally get on my same web page, I think it will be easier.

I've been listing on Ebay and on Amazon a lot. Mostly I've also been LEARNING a lot. As a beginner, I have lots of questions and have been researching how to best do things for weeks now. The learning and research has been easier for me because the other sellers on Ebay have been very helpful. I am lucky, too, because my customers have really been supportive and VERY nice.


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