Thursday, March 22, 2007

Waiting for summer...

In Bowling Green, summer looks like this downtown. The water is tinted blue. There used to be koi in it - I hope they put them back in this year, along with the floating lotus.

It really felt like summer today outside - but it really isn't summer here in Bowling Green until they turn on the Fountain Square Fountain's water.

I can imagine myself back in time when I'm in this park, but only when they don't pipe in music. An old friend stopped by across from the park last week. Perhaps he will come back in a month or so.

I get to help a friend tomorrow - but I don't know how it will go yet. I have a backup plan, but who knows if I will get to use it. I have my fingers crossed. Can't wait until I am done with work tomorrow, for sure good buddy, stamp stamp, no denial. I think I'm regressing.


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