Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Somber Day

It was still a somber day. I did manage to clip some bushes... the ground is soggy and too wet to mow. Maybe tomorrow. Yesterday's funeral was beautiful. I think they did such a good job. I felt like I knew Mrs. Eade better after I heard the eulogy. The Catholic service was lovely. Unfortunately, we didn't have a program. There were plenty, but the person that met us wasn't an usher, so we didn't see the program table. It went OK though, because the priest told us every time there was a hymn so that we could turn to the correct page. Helen had parked her car in the funeral line. I went over to Mom's after the funeral.

I think I'll put something on Ebay this week. I want to get back into Ebay and also back into selling books on Amazon. I have got to pare down on STUFF.

Tomorrow is another interview! I am excited.

Maybe I can catch up on family news tomorrow. No sign of the rabbit, but there is one less mouse in the world. Long story. I was busy taking care of that today.

The mole continues to dig outside. Now he has infiltrated the garden area. Maybe he had a family!

There is a bird nest in the uncut bush in the corner of the dog run. I left most of the foliage intact and will not cut it until the eggs have hatched and the birds are gone this Fall. It will be fun to watch the eggs hatch. I gave some paper dolls to my neighbor today.


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