Sunday, June 25, 2006

Forever Friends

Today I went to a visitation at a local funeral home for my Mom's friend, and sister's friend's mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Eade. I knew her, too, but not as well as they did. This picture shows how close they all were - how the two families just became such good and true friends.

She was from Rhinelander, Wisconsin. I was lucky enough to get to visit with her in years past. She was smart and funny. I will not forget her.

It is always so hard to lose a true freind. Real friends, "friends forever," like the title of this photograph... can be "counted on your fingers.." and sometimes on one hand. I know that Mrs. Eade was this kind of friend to my mother, a real friend. She was the kind of person who was not afraid to tell the truth. She was an honorable person.

I met her niece today at the visitation. She flew all the way from Michigan to be here. She is flying back home tomorrow.

Truely, today my entire family mourned the loss of Mrs. Eade. May her memory never fade.

See Mrs. Eade's online obituary from the Daily News here:


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