Friday, June 30, 2006

Are the rabbits back?

The dogs were going crazy this morning! Which made me think maybe the rabbits are back. I stepped in a new rabbit hole yesterday WHILST mowing. (That was fun!) Not the stepping in the hole - the WHILST.

AnyHOO, I fell in slow motion, trying NOT to break my foot. I do hope nobody was watching me. I do tend to gravitate towards giant holes where I can insert my foot and fall clumsily, looking enormously silly.

The dogs have now STOPPED barking. Hmmmmmm..... very strange. I have two dogs in back of me on chains - one a small fuzzy dog that was hit HARD by a car last week and survived. The other looks like Nana, a huge St. Bernard that nobody seems to want to pet. On the other side, in the fenced back yard, are another two. One is big and black, part labrador, the other?? I envision the rabbits going JUST close enough to look at the dogs without being in danger.

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