Thursday, June 23, 2005

An Egyptian courtyard

egyptian-, originally uploaded by betsyanne.

Wow - it's seems like forever since I've been here. Jackie starts work soon, and I'm excited about that.

Mom gets laser surgery on her eyes soon too, we'll see when the doctor is free.
And it only takes 20 minutes!

I wish Aunt Jackie wanted to get on the computer. Oh well.

Much writing to do... I start finding everything on Monday. Today: finish some jobs here.

STARS are out tonight (Mercury, Venus, and Saturn...) and Friday they will be so close together they'll look like they're in a "new" constallation. Look on the western horizon just before 9:00.

PLUS the full moon this week will look bigger than it has in 19 years!!

I'll be out looking for that. Sounds neat. Once on the ocean there was a low flung moon and it was just so big. I'll bet that it was "low-flung" like today's. It seemed just HUGE and hung over the water glimmering. I remember staring at it and losing track of the time.


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