Friday, May 20, 2005


bottlenose-dolphin-picture-120w, originally uploaded by betsyanne.

I'm going to start keeping a written writer's diary every day. I think this will help me get more ideas for my writing.

I stopped my Ebay today and started going through papers in order to clear off the kitchen table for Mom and Sarah and maybe Helen, if they want to come over next weekend.

It looks like only one of my classes has books listed on the WKU bookstore site. I wonder if this means that only one class has books! That class (Methods for Language Arts) has 4 books, and 2 of them sound especially great. One is for people who loved the book Harriet the Spy and want to keep their own written notebooks. I loved that book, so this part of the class should be exciting.

The dolphin is for Jackie - I'll put a link here to her email. Hi, Jackie!!!

Tomorrow: swimming, downtown, and fun.


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