Monday, February 21, 2005

What Mom is doing...


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Hi to Mom - if you read this, Mom, you'll know what this is! This is the flag of Wales.
Mom's been researching geneaology lately and even sent in an article to
a Wisconsin magazine about some of our Welsh family in Wisconsin and it
will be published soon! I'm excited about that.

I am doing homework in my 352 class today - rearranging my Unit Plan to include Gardner's eight intelligences:

1. Verbal-Linguistic
2. Logical-Mathematical
3. Visual-Spatial
4. Bodily-Kinesthetic
5. Musical
6. Interpersonal
7. Intrapersonal
8. Naturalist

Hopefully these are included - don't know about #8. Luckily, Dr. Davison posted an example online today to help.
Somebody in my Linguistics class got the flu and didn't make it to class last week. She is going to have some trouble, I think, in getting back up to speed.

Dr. Judith, my professor in Creative Non-fiction, now has the flu too. All my 352 table had it last week. It just makes you miserable.

Many people joined the NTSO this week - 1st meetings at South Campus are Thursday and Friday. I'm still waiting on Melissa to decide whether we need to change all the meeting notices for WKU. She lives an hour away, so it's hard for her to drive here when she doesn't have class.

I think Mark Bitterling (the Apple Store here in Bowling Green) has high Emotional Intelligence. We are learning about that in our 352 education class. Emotional Intelligence can be more important than anything else in interpersonal relationships, according to the author of the book (what else?) Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman. Mark has a knack for talking to and relating with people - he's a good one to observe if you want to learn that skill. He makes people feel important. Teachers can help their students learn this skill.

It took me awhile to learn this skill, as I was born naturally shy.

The Apple store is neat - he has a computer there that is set up with spoken cues like "switch to itunes" etc.

Off to do work. Back later :-)


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