Monday, February 28, 2005

My Conference!

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I had a conference today for my Creative Nonfiction class. She liked my writing! I get to rewrite it and expand on it. THEN I get to put it online with photos of my Grandmother's paintings! I need a good picture of her too. I will do an online writing page for my final project. It will be so much fun. I will be self-published and then join a Writing Group to redo my awful first drafts I keep in my filing cabinet.

I have been doing observations this week in two schools. One has an old building and a very embarrassing bathroom with holes in the bottom right next to the hallway. BUT on the good side, the kids are well-behaved in that school, in both. They are Seniors, and I got to be in both a "regular" class so far an an "AP" class. The kids were a lot happier in the AP class - I had the feeling they'd learned to amuse themselves. I have observed a lot of happiness lately at my observation schools. Maybe it's because Spring Break is coming up and they are 17 and 18 years old. :-)


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