Sunday, January 16, 2005

Playing Murder from the Cobbler's Bench

I want to catch up in 401 so I can start doing my Diversity folder, the 2 chapters in Linguistics and research my Argumentation and Debate class for the folder.

I am SO glad I didn't add a course.

Today I quit listening to the Dilbert Weasel book - it reminded me too much of my last job ;-)

So now it's onward to "A Man Lay Dead" by Ngaio Marsh (1899-1982), a New Zealand woman who is supposed to be even better than Agatha Christie (per Rickey). Ngaio (unusual name!) writes about Inspector Roderick Alleyn in a total of 32 books.

5 guests arrive to play "Murder", a supposedly "amusing parlor game". Little do they know that they will come upon an ACTUAL murder...... heh heh heh...


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