Saturday, September 22, 2018

10 Tips for Getting Stuff Done, by a real procrastinator. :-) I will add more Tips later.

10 of my Best Tips for Getting Stuff Done! Posting #1. (1-10)

Here they are. I will add more later to this list, eventually coming up with LOTS to think about.

#1. DO write To Do Lists. It helps me.

#2. Invest in a big-enough Calendar. Mine is teeny-tiny, but fits in my purse, and has worked for me in the past. BUT right now, to really get things done, I must split my day up more, and include more items. So a NEW and bigger Calendar is a must.

#3. Do NOT get upset with yourself if you don't do everything on your list each day. Simply move it up, and do your best. Beating yourself up will only make you slower.

#4.  Don't get hung up on posting political memes, etc. and finding out interesting factoids on Facebook. Save this for down time. Instead, work on your jobs and consult your List.

#5. Decide which tasks are most important to you. Do those first. Try doing the first 2, the first 5, etc.

#6. Do the MOST unpleasant thing on your list first, and then it is DONE. You also will not have to dread this task all day long, which is very helpful.

#7. Stay optimistic. Read books about this if you want to. Put up positive images and sayings for yourself. Make a Vision Board of your goals.

#8. Reward yourself with a book or time on FB - a relaxing spa time - - whatever you like - - when you have done a good day's work.

#9. Don't give up! Don't ever go there. If you do, just try to think of something else. That goes for any unpleasant thoughts. Let them skim over your mind, do not dwell on negativity.

#10. Do not measure yourself against other people. They have their OWN priorities.

I am sure I will find more of these later, and will add to this list.

In the meantime,
Onward and Upward!

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