Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Other jobs like Club President, Garden Dreams... the Willow Tree, more.

Hello everyone!

I know, everyone is supposed to update their blogs at LEAST once a month. It is even better to do this once a DAY, or once a WEEK. So don't copy my REALLY BAD example.

So, hopefully I will be updating more.

Being a Club President: A local Computer group, the BGAMUG Computer Club (also known in the past and even now as the Bowling Green Microcomputer User's Group) was headed to a much less fun state, that of a Service oriented club. We voted to try for another year and I somehow said "yes" to being President. Which is an unpaid job to add to others.

On the plus side, I did have some helpers. But the time element was huge.

But worth it. New elections are in November, and I might still help, although NOT as President. I may even skip meetings sometimes. It's been a good learning experience, and now I respect this position a lot.

 I just updated the Nontraditional Student blog (titled Politics, Social Media, and More...), - - and my Girl Scout unofficial blog too - which is a Private Blog (if you are in my Service Unit or Area, let me know...). PLUS the BGAMUG blog too.

Back to this blog: Yes, the moon is still here, of course. So my blog title is still semi-OK. BUT the Willow Tree is not. I will be planting another one where the older one was. Eventually.

More about the Willow Tree: I really do miss this huge, special, and magical tree. The workers that carted if off left a lot of bumps and uneven spaces, which I didn't really notice with the tree there. Hopefully it will settle more later. The machine they rented was the wrong one (they didn't need it) but I think I paid for it anyway. These tree haulers were friends of my old neighbors. 

It was fun and relaxing to watch the Willow Tree change with the seasons. I am still getting over my knee twist I got stepping in an uneven place. So it goes.

Garden Dreams: Trimming around the fence again, and putting in some Raised Beds are definitely something that sounds good.

The Farmer's Market: they have some GREAT heirloom home-grown tomatoes there. Plus other farm-raised goodies. Rickey goes there often. But later, I will be growing SOME of these things again. Hopefully.

Here is hoping you are having a great Summer... school here started already. Those poor kids need the month of August to also have off. Just saying.

Onward and Upward!

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