Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My favorite season: Fall! Also known as Autumn...

Is this YOUR favorite season too? I know it's mine.

Someone wrote on Facebook recently that THEIR favorite season is also Fall. AND that they could actually taste it in the air.

I can feel it in the mornings mostly. The sun is just different, not as fiercely shining. We did have a "real" summer (think: hot) and now in the South Central Kentucky area we are short of rain. But we did have a lot earlier. The farmers aren't liking it.

I personally like the temperatures SO much in the Fall. It is so much more comfortable. And I love to see the changing of the leaves, which is not happening here yet, but of course, will later.

There is something good about every season. I like living somewhere with changeable seasons too, because it makes life more interesting.

So here is to Fall. It's time for celebrating the Harvest, Halloween, and being (maybe) organized when it comes to the holidays this year.

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