Saturday, June 06, 2015

Welcome, Garden Spot Readers! Three book reviews, and hopefully many more postings now will happen.

I have just fixed my other blog, The Garden Spot blog, so that it comes here.

Welcome, Garden Spot Blog readers!

I have been working on doing this for quite some time.

Don't worry, it's the same me, and same type postings, I just will be able to post more often now! And not worry about the other blog not being updated, since everyone will come here.

I am excited about this.

Here are some more books I have been reading and have finished.

#1. Laurie R. King: The Art of Detection - - want a fun story about a "found" new Sherlock Holmes story? A leader of Sherlock Holmes club is murdered. Who did it? And is there really an undiscovered NEW Sherlock Holmes story?

#2. C.J. Cherryh: Voyager in Night - I started this once, and now have gotten into it to finish it. Wow - - a strange alien ship crashes into another one, and what happens then? And what an one person do to really communicate with more than one alien brain? Will the humans be able to save the last human?

#3. Dan Simmons - Hyperion - (finished it... and now I'm reading the Fall of Hyperion - - it's really good too...) a group of pilgrim travelers searches for meaning, and knows they will encounter the mysterious Shrike, enigmatic being hiding in or near the Time Tombs. Where have the other pilgrims gone? A scientist is in the wrong place at the wrong time and is caught by a tide of time. Her life begins to flow backwards, and she grows ever younger. Can she be saved?

NOW (with The Fall of Hyperion) who is telling the truth? There is a war going on, and who will win?

These were enjoyable. So if you are looking for some good summer reading, see the above.


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