Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Redoing websites, redoing blogs. Mini-Newsletter #1, Jan. 7 2015.


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The Nontraditional Student Website
Work has begun on this website. It is a website for students going back to school after a break. Every page must be checked and redone. It should take another two weeks or so. My question is, why don't webmasters put a "directions" page on pages they decide to get rid of? If you have linked to an interesting page it is a hassle to redo your link. Just saying. It does not have to be an actual redirect page. A page "this page has moved to here..." is just fine. Or redo the page. Just KEEP the LINK. OK? Hope everyone is listening. (har har)

Sink Fun
The front sink was not plumbed correctly when it was first put in, I just heard over the phone. The plumber checked it out and got both cold and wet doing that. Getting this sink fixed/unclogged once a year has been the norm. Plus, it smells funny. Now a new plumber suggests a more direct course (not a sideways direction to a bathroom first before emptying out) and a new direction (down instead of sideways) and a bigger pipe (for less chance of clogs)  for a bit more cost than just a snake fix, which is not working anyhow anymore now so is not really a choice at all. I must now get ready for a dishpan dishwashing process until Friday. It might be an earlier fix, but he doesn't want to promise.

There is a dusting today. This is a nice sight. And it was snowing earlier on my way here. But it's not too slippery. It is very cold though, and will get colder. I will be glad to get back home, seriously. It's our first real winter weather here. I wore my double-length purple and grey ruffled scarf, which almost looks like an infinity scarf when I knot it in front. Plus put emergency mittens in my pocket.

Big News Stories of the Day
This has to be the murder of cartoonists in France. They killed them because they didn't like what they said or drew. Crazytown stuff. I hope they catch these murderers. It's really so tragic.
On a sort of related subject, NPR had a story about Guantanemo today. I do hope it closes soon. Now there is the question of millions of dollars being spent on it. I wish these prisoners had had real trials and had not been tortured. Anyway, that was the news this morning, such as it is. Bad stuff.

Changing the subject - good Outdoor Journey Project news
The Outdoor Journey Project Facebook page had a GSUSA Staff member join yesterday. It is Jennifer Alleback, the Chief Girl Experience Officer at GSUSA. I hope to get some great ideas from her about how to get an Outdoor Journey added to the current Journey program in Girl Scouting, plus many more badges. Or some good conversation anyhow. The girls need to get back outdoors, go camping, use the camps, and learn valuable life skills, leadership, and teamwork too. Jennifer is not the only staff member in the group. Also, we have Boy Scout leaders, Girl Scout leaders, and other Scouters helping us with this project.

More Postings
I am keeping up better with my blogs and sites. But they each need to be almost totally redone and checked. It is long past due for this. Next to fix: the Betsyanne website. I have many links to check on it too. All the Teaching pages need to be redone, as well as my Free clipart book.

Quote of the day: Via the Brainyquote site: (which has been redesigned too):

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