Wednesday, June 25, 2014

UPDATE: Willow Tree plans, Facebook, online selling, and more.

Well... now that the infamous/semi-famous Willow Tree is gone, I am thinking of planting another.

Then this blog title will still fit this blog! But seriously, I do still have some Willow trees to the side of my house. So the title DOES still fit.

So we will see.

In the meantime, I am selling online, and have a posting about that at the Garden Spot Blog today too.

AND I have a deadline of September to get all three books I have redone, and ready for final proofreading and covers.

So I am busy, busy. BUT still have some neat sites to share. Are you on Facebook? If you are, leave a comment. I find Facebook so fascinating. There are sites to share, articles, videos too, and many new friends to make there.

Here are just a few of the neat articles I have discovered lately there. I will share them here today.

#1. Train Passengers look to Supreme Court for relief...

 #2. Park Ranger Fired for Dancing on the Job (Chattanoogan, TN) (has a video too)

#3. Mom-Designed Action Figures for Boys Highlight Brains Over Brawn (This one also has a video, but I only read the article on it.)


And yes, Facebook is addicting. But it's so fun!!

Join me on my Business page here on FB. It is called (for now) Betsy's CGC Collectibles, Graphics, Cards and more.



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