Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Back to Stumbleupon... it's fun as always...

A Facebook friend asked if people were on Stumbleupon. I said I was - - but I hadn't been there in ages.

I have the Stumbleupon doohicky on my desktop so I hit the button "Stumble!" and it was just as fun as always. These recommended pages that appear when I hit the button are selected because they fit my categories AND are the most popular choices.

So I guess I'll need to "Like" pages I write about there for awhile again, to freshen up my page. And I know it will be fun to visit the best pages out there for a laugh and inspiration.

If you are there on Stumbleupon, come visit. I am here:


My Personal Page and blog

The Nontrads site and blog

My Squidoo pages
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