Friday, July 05, 2013

My updates, GS Betsy site, projects, and news. Thanks for visiting!

It's been awhile! This blog has not been updated for awhile...

Welcome. This is my personal blog. You never know what I may talk about here!

FYI: My newest blog is Girl Scout Betsy. It is an information blog about events and trainings, Journey helps, and more for GS volunteers and leaders.

Juliette Low - the founder of GS in the U.S.

<above> - - Juliette Low was a brave woman. I admire her.

I think it will be a good place to keep information for myself too.

So how come no postings for awhile? Here is why. When I added my new blog, this blog went on Page Two of my list on Blogger that I use. So I didn't see it until I used a link today. Ack!

More things happening this summer:

1. I am making some more Fairy Doors downtown,
My favorite - sold it.

2. I am reading a book manuscript and getting my book chapters done,

3. I am writing lots and lots of To Do lists.

As I go through boxes that I have here at home, from book boxes to misc., I am finding surprises - - things I forgot I even had. So that is fun.

The rabbit is back - - we saw him the other day.

Across the field, the farmer has some horses now and did have some really cute donkeys. It is neat to see them as I drive down the road.

We joined the Lost River Cave which is nearby here so we can go walking there again. It is so pretty there.
One of the paths near Lost River Cave.

All for now, and hopefully either I will write more here, OR you may see Girl Scout Betsy in the title next time you visit. We'll see.


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