Saturday, May 11, 2013

Quick! Get those Blog Postings Done!

I am now posting more than once a week. I like that!

I want to keep it up. I think it's good writing and typing practice. Plus I get to vent and talk about things that interest me.

What have I been doing, you ask? I have been organizing at home (a task that will take about a year in total),  hemming uniforms, doing laundry (a catch-up act), and etc., etc., and etc.

Big on the "Etc." list is an idea of making an Outdoor Journey for Girl Scouts that would help replace the missing elements of Program right now and re-introduce what made Girl Scouting so exciting.

My wonderful Aunt Jackie died last week. As my husband so aptly put it, she was the
"Auntie Mame" of my relatives. I will cherish her memory, and may make a Remembrance Page for her as I did for my mother. Which needs some updating. I will add that to my list too.

One of the blog link nontrad writers on another of my blogs (The Nontraditional Student Blog) is considering doing away with her blog.

I was not surprised. It takes time, but think about losing all that work. Ack.

I have more than one blog, but I don't want to quit. Not yet. It is still way too fun for me.

Other must-do's (besides updating here regularly) are: finish my books, call about repair quotes, go through the books, add some shelves, paint, redo my sites, update my Pinterest, make some more pottery Fairy Doors, put the tomato plants in, and write some more poetry.

Do you have a blog, or maybe more than one? Or maybe you have a huge to-do list you would like to tell me about. Just leave a comment below here and tell me about it.

A curious mind wants to know.

Well, it's time for coffee. I do love that stuff. Especially when I add vanilla to it.


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